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YZPST-2KVDC-0.25UF -T168x

  • YZPST-2KVDC-0.25UF -T168x

Damping and absorption capacitor


1.Product Usage
This product is mainly used to semi-conduct switching ,protection, filter and storage energy in the power electrical device.
2.Product features
2.1Features: The capacitor contains high-quality polypropylene film and low temperature insulation impregnant, none PCB. Electrodes are made of special aluminum foil for electronic; Adopt non-inductive roll artwork. Bear transient heavy current and HV impulse without capacitance loss. low dissipation,well sealed, good heat dissipation, long life-time, anti-explosion and high security.
2.2Appearance: Frosted aluminium oxide housing,good look. The features of anti-corrosive PET label, no peel-off, no color fading, small size, light weight, and easy installation and etc.
3.Technical parameter
3.1Main parameter
3.1Under natural air to cool down: The maximum temperature of the operating capacitor housing is 70℃
3.3Relative humidity:≤95%
3.4Rated Voltage:UN=2kVDC
3.5fundamental frequency:50Hz
3.6rated capacity:CN=0.25μF
3.7Capacity Tolerance within ±10%
3.8Tangent of the loss angle of a capacitor tanδ(1kHz)≤0.0005
3.9Insulation resistance: RC≥3000S
3.10Terminal test voltage:UTTDC=4kVDC, 10S
3.11Voltage between terminal and housing:UTTDC=5kVDC,10S
3.12Housing: Cylindrical aluminum housing
3.13Sealing test: No leakage in 4 hours under rated temperature of 75℃±5℃
3.14Discharge test between terminals: 1.1Nvoltage,10s bear 20 times DCcharging and discharging in polarity, Without breakdown and capacitance loss.
3.2 overload
The capacitor can runs as per below form, in which the overvoltage of above
1.1Un is based on no obvious reduction of capacitor’s life time.


The longest duration


time in one day




The overload time 30%



system adjustment








system switch



Table 1:Power frequency overvoltage

4.Fit condition
4.1In-house installation usage
4.2Installation location elevation ≤1000m
4.3Ambient humidity less than 85%
4.4Temperature category: -40/D
4.5The capacitor long running temperature less than 55℃
4.6No strong metal corrosive steam or air in the surrounding.
4.7No intense mechanical shaking, no explosion or inflammable materials
4.8Installation should avoid high magnetic field

Product drawing