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2uF High Voltage Discharge Capacitor

  • YZPST-2.0uF8000VDC

Type:YZPST-2.0 µ F8000VDC

High Voltage Discharge Capacitor technical index



JB/T 8168-1999

Rated Voltage Rated capacity

Capacity Tolerance within






Ambient temperature:


Min.running temp.   Tmin


Max.running temp.   Tmax



Relative humidity




Storage temperature


Test Item:


DC 1.2×UN ,1min


Ui +1000V, 10s(U= U/   2 )



£ 1mF :³ 3000MW       ñ1m:³ 3000s




75℃±5℃ at constant temperature,4 hours without leakage

1.1 UN     voltage , 10mins bear 5 times DC

charging and discharging in polarity, Without breakdown and capacitance loss.

AC Testing Voltage   VTT

Voltage between terminal and

housing VTC

Insulation resistance


Discharge time    τ( Rins ×C )

Loss angle tanδ(1kHz)


Sealing test

Discharge test between terminals