Isolated Type Triac(SG50AA120)


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Isolated Type Triac(SG50AA120)

V RRM = Repetitive peak reverse voltage
V DRM = Repetitive peak off state voltage
V RSM = Non repetitive peak reverse voltage (2)


Maximum Ratings

 Symbol Item        


SG50AA80 SG50AA120 SG50AA160
VDRM Repetitive Peak Off-State Voltage 800 1200 1600 V
Symbol Item Conditions Ratings Unit
IT(RMS) R.M.S. On-State Current Tc=58℃ 50 A
ITSM Surge On-State Current One cycle, 50Hz/60Hz, peak, non-repetitive 450 A
I2t I2t Value for one cycle of surge current 730 A2S
PGM Peak Gate Power Dissipation   10 W
PG(AV) Average Gate Power Dissipation   1 W
IGM Peak Gate Current   3 A
VGM Peak Gate Voltage   10 V
di/dt Critical Rate of Rise of On-State Current IG=100mA,Tj=25℃,VD=1/2VDRM, 100 A/μs
Tj Operating Junction Temperature   -25 to +125
Tstg Storage Temperature   -40 to +125
  Mounting Torque(M4) Recommended Value 1.0-1.4(10-14) 1.5(15) N.m
  Mass Typical value 2 g



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